Feathertree Arts' projects are hopeful and imaginative, and they can be challenging also. 

We aim to support positive mental health by exploring perspective, freedom and opportunity, and by opening up space for difference.

Hosted by Eastin Kandt and CJ Harrington. | Edited by Eastin Kandt. | Artwork by CJ Harrington and Eastin Kandt.

Feathertree Arts' podcast, where we discuss challenging social issues and seek to open up space, find common ground, and understand different needs and perspectives. We aim to break down the usual divisive social media discourse by demonstrating that disagreement and difference can be respectful, useful and positive.

>> Currently in pre-production <<

Feathertree Arts' flagship project that will launch our Digital Theatre.

A vast sci-fi/fantasy universe, in which seven people's lives go through profound changes when an out of this world natural event causes all of humanity to come to terms with what it means for everyone to be free and equal.

Written by CJ Harrington, Cheryl-Anne Fries, and the cast and crew

Graphics, SFX and editing by Setff Dee Zaster, Alin Gurita, Jesse Pollard and CJ Harrington

Staring Carlos Olivarez, Jesse Pollard, Velvia Keithley, Laurel Kornfeld, Eastin Kandt, and two roles TBC.


A surreal animated narrative about the nature of flow and letting things go.

>> Currently in post-production <<

Written and performed by CJ Harrington. 

Edited, animated and composed by Jesse Pollard

Spoken Word Poetry

CJ Harrington's poetry, set to music and simple animations

>> More coming soon <<

Written, performed, composed and animated by CJ Harrington.

#1 Wanker 

A shocking real-life exposé that pulls the audience into an exploration of gender, procreation, poverty and exploitation from a unique perspective.

>> Currently in pre-production <<

Written by CJ Harrington and Daniella Giordano

Performed by TBC.

Artwork by Setf Dee Zaster.


A project of absurd, funny, challenging shorts in the very early stages of development. More will be revealed soon.

>> Currently in pre-production <<

Written by CJ Harrington and Mae Aswell

Produced by TBC.

Performed by TBC.

Eastin made such an awful mistake I had to shout at her! 

Written and Performed by Eastin Kandt and CJ Harrington.

Edited by Eastin Kandt.